“FOR US, THIS IS A TREND-SETTING TOPIC” – talks about CV Real Estate's participation in Immo-FinTech Bambus


Christian Vogrincic and Anatol Obolensky in talks about CV Real Estate's participation in Immo-FinTech Bambus and the strategy for dealing with digitization.

Mr. Vogrincic, CV Real Estate recently invested in the FinTech Bambus. 
What were the reasons for this?
Christian Vogrincic: Three things convinced us about Bambus: Firstly, the idea that has the potential to completely redevelop an attractive segment of the private real estate market. Secondly, the personalities of the founders, who combine digital competence with real estate and financing know-how, and thirdly, the circle of other well-known investors.
Anatol Obolensky: We got to know the Bambus founders as part of the F10-FinTech Accelerator Program in Zurich, which is supported by leading Swiss companies.

What does Bambus offer the real estate market?
Obolensky: Bambus is currently developing a solution that will enable private owners to mobilize parts of the assets tied up in their real estate into other forms of investment. Therefore, they do not have to sell the property themselves. The Bambus Platform offers services such as automated valuation, lending and new investment of the generated funds in alternative forms of investment. The core target group for the application are the approximately four million households in Germany that own unencumbered second properties.

Where do you see links to the CV Real Estate business model?
Vogrincic: There are indeed no direct connecting factors. Nevertheless, we see synergies with our core business in this investment. In addition to internationalization and further professionalization, digitization will shape project development and the management of real estate investments in the coming years. Digitization will fundamentally change the way we invest in real estate and manage these assets in the coming years. We want to take part in this development and actively seek active dialogue with founders and innovators from the digital sector. This is where our investment represents a further building block and from which we receive valuable impulses.

How will you continue to accompany the further path of Bambus?
Obolensky: So far, the application exists in the prototype. With the additional capital that has now been raised, Bambus can advance the further development of the platform. The market launch is scheduled for the second half of the year.

Is the Bambus commitment to CV Real Estate a unique project or will further investments of this type follow?
Vogrincic: There is no concrete planning. But as already mentioned, we want to be actively involved in shaping the further development of our industry. We will therefore continue to seek cooperation with start-ups and other players from the FinTech or Prop-Tech sector. For us, this is an essential future topic.

Go to the press release about the investment in the FinTech Bambus

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