“We’re reshaping real estate development.”

Christian Vogrincic, founder and CEO of CV Real Estate, and Anatol Obolensky, Director, discuss critical success factors in real estate project development, as well as CV Real Estate's strategy and ambitions.

Your reference list includes projects from a broad spectrum: residential, hotel, retail, and logistics. Which sector will CV Real Estate focus on in future?

Obolensky: For us, vision means exploiting opportunities off the beaten track and anticipating trends at an early stage. That’s why we deliberately don’t limit ourselves to specific types of use within the commercial real estate sector.

Vogrincic: What’s decisive for us is the potential of a property or a plot of land that we develop.

The real estate markets in Germany have been going from one record level to the next in recent years. Will these idyllic times for project developers continue?

Obolensky: The real estate market has certainly developed enormously in recent years. The demand for German real estate is and will remain high. We, too, benefit from this. At the same time, a scarcity of space and growing demands on the quality and flexibility of real estate investments are constantly creating new challenges for project development, especially in rapidly growing urban areas. We are adjusting to this and are also looking at alternative regions and locations.

What exactly do you mean by that?

Vorgincic: We don’t rest on the laurels of our past successes. Quite the opposite: we keep developing. Whether it's our agile working method with flat hierarchies, the use of state-of-the-art technologies and analysis techniques, or the diverse spectrum of properties we develop.

You want to make CV Real Estate the leading project developer in Germany within the next few years. What makes you confident that you can achieve this ambitious goal?

Obolensky: We’re a dynamic team that combines experience, ideas, and enthusiasm for real estate with the passion to make projects a success.

Vogrincic: We’re rethinking and reshaping real estate development. Together with the strong market position and the network we’ve built up over the past few years, this is a combination that we will now use to accelerate our growth.