Asset Management of the Highest Quality

CV Asset Management offers a full range of real-estate asset management services. This begins with positioning a property on the market to optimize occupancy, continues with all commercial management tasks, and also includes the selection, commissioning, and management of downstream service providers such as property or facility managers. For our clients, this has the advantage that they have a single contact for the administration, maintenance, and further development of their real estate. Thanks to the close links to CV Development and CV Investment, all activities are seamlessly integrated, even in the case of modernizations or matters of financing, and transactions.

Our Services:

Development and implementation of an overall strategy

to optimally realize the yield and appreciation potential of a property or portfolio.

Overall commercial management

for full transparency, budget compliance, and efficient management of the property at all times

Selection and management of service providers for the property

to ensure the highest quality in property and facility management at all times.

Rental management

to ensure a high and stable cash flow with an optimum tenant mix and the best possible support for tenants.